Jerry Adams

Profile Updated: April 12, 2018
Class Year: 1961
Spouse/Partner: Diane Clark Adams ('63)
Occupation: Certified Public Accountant
Children: David Clark Adams, born in June, 1966
Bonnie Elizabeth Adams Smith, born in July, 1972
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Diane Clark ('63) and I dated all through college and we married in June, 1965 after I graduated from UT with a major in accounting. While in college, I worked as a grader for an accounting professor and as a tutor for the UT athletic department. During my first three summers after high school I worked as a plant laborer at Signal Mountain Cement Company, and during the winter of 1964, I interned at the Arthur Andersen CPA firm.

I went to work for the Chattanooga CPA firm of Hazlett, Lewis & Bieter in 1965 immediately after college. While there I passed the CPA exam and completed my professional experience requirements. Joe Decosimo was a well established HLB partner who was almost 20 years my senior. In 1971, Joe and I and Marion Fryar left HLB to form a new CPA firm which we named DECOSIMO. The firm grew rapidly to exceed 100 CPAs and became one of the 50 largest of 15,000 AICPA firms. After thirty years as managing partner of DECOSIMO, I relinquished my management role but I continue to practice in senior and founder capacities as a CPA with the firm as a business and tax advisor. Effective January 1, 2015, DECOSIMO combined with the ELLIOTT DAVIS CPA firm based in South Carolina, taking the firm from nearly 300 people to 825 people.
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I became an avid Bible student in 1980 and studied for several years under Ted DeMoss, president of Christian Business Men's Committee. For ten years I was a teacher of the Sanctuary Class of the former East Lake Baptist Church, and I now teach the Seekers Class at Brainerd Baptist Church. I wrote a book, CHRISTIAN BIBLE CHALLENGE - Answers Every Christian Should Know, which was published by WestBow Press, a division of Thomas Nelson Publishers. It can be ordered at or from other book sellers in print or downloaded to an ebook reader. I've written another Christian book which is nearing publication.
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School Story: (Classmates-Teacher-You

My two sisters also graduted from Kirkman: Bobbie Jean Adams Jones Ballard in 1952, and Charlene Adams Bankston in 1956.

Alva Goldberg ('61) was a good friend. We were both members of the Key Club. Our sponsor, Mr. L. B. Bender, sent two Key Club members to the weekly luncheon meeting of the Chattanooga Kiwanis Club, and he required us to wear a tie. Al and I would wear a tie to school on Tuesdays when the Kiwanis Club met, and Mr. Bender would send us to the meeting, mainly by default, because we were the only ones wearing a tie. After graduating from college, Al and I both became members of the Chattanooga Kiwanis Club. Al married Judy Richards ('61), owned ACG Contractors and died in 1998.

I was frequently out of class on a pass for various school service projects. One day our Principal, Robert Taylor, saw me in the hall during class time. Even though I had a pass, he walked me to my classroom and said he didn't want to see me in the hall again that day. Fortunately, it was in the afternoon.

Connie Brown (Harvey), Robert McNabb, Vernon Sims and some others in the class of '61 attended the same school I attended in the first through the seventh grades. Then my parents moved to Jasper, Tennessee where I attended the eighth grade before I moved back to Chattanooga to live with my grandmother and attend Kirkman in the ninth through the twelfth grades.

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Grandchildren and how many

Type Your Answer Here how many Four Grandchildren and One Great-Grandchild

What Shop did you take at Kirkman

I studied Drafting in the ninth, tenth and eleventh grades at Kirkman. Then I enrolled to study Engineering in college and switched from Drafting to Chemistry in my senior year of high school because there were several chemistry courses in the college engineering curriculum. Taking chemistry in high school made me realize that engineering was not what I wanted to do. Because I had done well in math classes, my college advisor suggested that I major in accounting to become a CPA. I attended Lincoln Memorial University for a year and then transferred to and graduated from the University of Tennessee.

Who was your friends when at Kirkman

I thought of everyone at Kirkman as being a friend.

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